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Tagger was created to assist primarily with the traceability issues on Livestock, farm automation, farm management and to deal with South Africa’s increasing theft of livestock.

Capture, scan, sell and manage your livestock on your phone using our Mobile application or website.

Full management suite caters for Farm owner, Foremen, Veterinarian and Police officers with safe and secure features assist with multiple aspects of your daily life.

Tagger integrates with bluetooth Scanners, Scales and RFID Readers for secure and easy farm management.

Reuse your rfid eartags and GPS chips and get more value for your investment!

Tagger provides a full set of reporting and traceability at your fingertips…

Online Shop

Tag your own!

Its as easy as getting your set of ID chips or RF ear tags, applying them and registering your livestock on Tagger’s Mobile Application.

Easy to administrate yourself and Tagger will provide full transparency once implanted.

Our GPS options will reduce theft and assist with managing your herd optimally.

Get notifications on all scans and events on your animals. Livestock management also available with custom solutions.


Tagger Mobile 

Scan, manage and record your livestock directly on your phone into our cloud solution.

Get advanced analytics on your animals, Breeding Values on Stud and much more.

No need for any pen and paper. 

Full set of reports and integration patterns available.

Advanced GPS tracking and Theft prevention on the latest technology platforms.

Most cost effective solution in the world!

Tagger 3 way Identification  read more…

Custom Solutions

No Farm operates the same and although issues might be similar, they need to be addressed in a unique way to safe time and cost.

The Tagger Team will be able to asses your need and provide guidance on best practices while working together with you to optimize productivity, prevent theft and safeguard your livestock

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