Reliably know where your valuable assets are at all times.

The combination of accuracy and integration flexibility is a leading reason why businesses choose Tagger to reliably track their most valuable assets as they move throughout the world, including environments where traditional positioning methods are often unreliable.

Tagger Overview

The Tagger Platform consists of the following modules to enable Realtime asset management and tracking 

Fleet Management

Real-time fleet tracking system, tracing workforce performance, Real-time ETA and Alerts & insights all on one easy to use Platform

Logistics Management

With logistics tracking you’ll know where your products, materials, or other resources are physically located at any time, as well as what is scheduled.

Livestock Management

The Tagger Team will be able to asses your need and provide guidance on best practices while working together with you to optimize productivity, prevent theft with our state of the art Lora/GPS solutions to safeguard your livestock

Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Predominantly GPS tracking of assets supported by WIFI, BLE, Barcode and RFID Technologies

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