Enjoy reliable real-time data from your valuable Assets to optimize performance and profit

Enhance productivity, inform operations, and increase the level of service fleet-wide.

Key Features

Real-time fleet tracking system & tracing workforce performance

From the first mile to long haul to last mile tracking using the most advanced intuitive dashboard, which is visible real-time with secure and easy sharing of reports and insights.

Real-time ETA

Real-time re-routing, delivery route optimization, and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETAs) based on dynamic on-ground conditions. Advanced fleet tracking and insights.

Alerts & insights

Granular insights on operations along with instant alerts on exceptions and delay like Fuel cap opening, real time fuel levels, door openings and many more

Interactive dashboards

Analyze your entire supply chain operations using heat maps, trend lines and planned vs actual SLA comparisons.

Satellite positioning  

To cross the border is a challenge to any business but with Tagger’s Satellite Positioning system we have you covered. No dead zones with real-time reporting of your valuable assets 

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