Where it is… Where it’s been…

Each second during a trip, Tagger records the vehicle’s location. The app automatically updates every 15-seconds. Location is everything!

There’s a map foreverything

Using Google maps in Tagger , you can view location, addresses, and routes. Zoom-in or zoom-out. Street or satellite, you choose!

Discover Habits

Let Tagger help you with managing speed bands, explore habits and notify you all managed and setup by you.

Are they there yet?

Using Geo-Circles and Geo-fences, Tagger will send a notification when vehicles arrive or when they leave. You can create it anywhere!

Monitor Health

Understand your vehicle’s health by advanced diagnostics, renewals and roadside assistance 

Our pricing options
*Terms and conditions apply

Stolen Vehicle recovery
  • Once-off installation fee included.
  • Our technicians come to you fit the device .
R 75

/ month*

  • Once-off installation fee included.
  • Our technicians come to you fit the device .
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Tagger Mobile Guard
  • Take me Home Service
R 165

/ month

Once off
  • Once-off installation fee included
  • Our technicians come to you fit the device .
  • Mobile Tagger application with 24 months of recovery and Roadside assistance
  • Tagger Mobile Guard
R 4,099

once off

Terms and Conditions:

1 .This offer is only valid for NEW customers who sign a 36-month contract between 21 October to 31 March 2021

2. Pass a credit check/verification

  1. 3. Pro-Rata as well as the first debit order will be processed after fitment and will be one month’s subscriptions in advance

  2. 4. I am the only party with the necessary right and authority to enter into, amend or cancel the contract with Tagger. I hereby indemnify Tagger from any claim whatsoever which may arise from any misrepresentation of my right and authority
  3. 5. There is a 10% annual escalation on the subscription fee Should I request cancellation for any reason before the 36-month contract period has elapsed, I shall be liable for an amount of R1600
  4. 6. I accept that fitting the unit in my vehicle is intended to reduce the risk of loss but not completely eliminate it

Value added Services

Below are some of the features and benefits on Tagger Mobile. Ask one of our friendly consultants how this can be added to your contract

Lock your position on Tagger and let us Guard it!

Get instant notifications when your car moves from the position you “locked” it in via the mobile App. On the Premium option we will even send out a response team to investigate immediately.

Responsibility lies with you!

We are always looking out for our customers and when you need us most we will be there to take you home!.

We will give you a hand…

In the unfortunate event of something happening to your vehicle, Tagger will assist you with R10000 to get back valuable items or even cover excess payments needed.

Lets make a plan

In the unfortunate event of retrenchment or death we will cover your subscription. We will also replace the current Tagger device with a new one if active under a subscription

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